CARA RAETHER RESULTS: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

2007 Career Highlights

In 2007, Cara was selected to represent the U.S. at the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The U.S. won the team bronze medal and Cara finished 8th overall, the highest placed American in the field.  Cara garnered several Top 10 finishes at marquee events in 2007, including:

Placing 7th in the $300,000 CN
   Euro Global Challenge Grand Prix
   (Wellington, FL)
6th in the $200,000 American Invitational    (Tampa, FL)
5th in the $200,000 Charlotte Bobcats    Grand Prix (Charlotte, NC)
5th in the $200,000 CN Reliability Grand    Prix (Calgary)
8th in the $100,000 CN Performance    Grand Prix (Calgary, Canada)
4th in $85,000 New Albany Classic
   (New Albany, OH)
8th in the $25,000 Pennsylvania Big Jump    (Harrisburg, PA)
10th in the $25,000 NAL Speed Final    (Harrisburg, PA)
3rd in the $25,000 Pasmore Big Jump    (Syracuse, NY)

In addition, Cara broke in to the Top 100 of the FEI Rolex Rankings for the first time in her career during this year.


Continued success in 2008

Cara added more ribbons in 2008 with
10 Grand Prix finishes:

Placing 2nd in the $35,000 Syracuse
   Corporate Team Challenge 
   (Syracuse, NY)
6th Çanadian National Performance
   Grand Prix, (Calgary, Canada)
8th in the $25,000 NAL Speed Final    (Harrisburg, PA)

In addition, Cara also served as the 4th alternate to the U.S. Olympic Team.

She also qualified for the Animal Planet Sport Horse Cup at the Syracuse Invitational Horse Show.




2009 Results

Cara represented the U.S. at three All Nations Cup events (Falsterbo, Sweden, Hickstead, England, and Dublin Ireland); as well as having 15 Grand Prix placings.

Some of the highlights were:
Cara  placed 2nd at the $200,000
   Canadian National Reliability Grand Prix
   (Calgary, Canada)
3rd at the $200,000 American Invitational    Grand Prix (Tampa, Florida -
   at Bucanneer Stadium)
5th in the $100,000 Canadian National
   Performance Grand Prix
   (Calgary, Canada)

2nd in the $25,000 NAL Speed Final    (Harrisburg, PA).


Excellence in 2010

Cara was short listed with Ublesco for the World Equestrian Games 2010. She also was on the 3 Top League Teams representing the USA: Falsterbo, Sweden 5th, Hickstead, England, 3rd, and Dublin, Ireland 2nd.


1st - Mary Renna Murphy Grand Prix -
   Lexington, Ky - Ublesco

  Ublesco Winning Mary Renna Murphy Grand prix

1st - Blue Grass Classic -
   Lexington, Ky - Lyonell

  Lyonell Winning Blue Grass Classic - Cara Raether

1st - Gambler's Choice -
   Syracuse, NY - Ublesco

  Gambler's Choice - Ublesco winning First Place

3rd - Evergreen Classic Grand Prix -
   Bristol, WI - Comtess III

  Evergreen Classic Grand Prix - Comtess III

6th - American Invitational -
   Tampa, Fl - Ublesco

7th - FEI World Cup Qualifier -
   Lexington, Ky - Comtess III

7th - $50,000 Spy Coast Farm Grand Prix
   Hampton Classic - Ublesco

8th - FEI World Cup Qualifier- American
   Gold Cup - Cleveland, OH - Ublesco

9th - New Albany Classic -
   New Albany, OH - Comtess III

10th - FEI World Cup Qualifier -
   Syracuse Invitational - Ublesco


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